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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Great Online Magazines for your next "Me Time"

Need a few minutes to yourself?  Want to check out the latest in greatest in interior design and stuff?  Check out  the premiere issue of Rue and the latest issue of Lonny.  I always look forward to a new addition of Lonny and now I see they are offering a printed version, at a nominal fee.  Several of my favorite bloggers are the forces behind Rue.  They've done a great job generating a buzz about their premiere issue and I can tell you that the buzz was true!  Rue's first issue surpassed all they hype.  Check them out and be sure to leave them a comment.  Feel free to tell them that The Gift Guru told you about them.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gift Quote of the week

A hug is a great gift - one size fits all, and it's easy to exchange.  ~Author Unknown

Sunday, September 19, 2010


This past Spring, how shocked was I when I found that my latest splurge on myself was a very "in" product with the Hollywood crowd?  VERY!  I usually fall in love with all the stuff that the unfailingly hip and stylish have already fallen for once I've seen them in it, with it or around it in my favorite magazines or websites.  I now had another reason to love my Fouta Towel since it helped me convince myself that my taste was somehow headed toward all that is of the moment.

I introduce to you, the Fouta!  This lightweight, ultra soft towel is as versatile as it is pretty.  It is enjoyed by celebrities and stylish suburbanites alike.  The fringe makes it dressy enough to artfully place over a piece of furniture as a throw while it's softness and absorbency make it the perfect beach or pool towel to dry off, and tie around your waist as a cover up!  

Foutas have been featured in Instyle Magazine and Southern Living.  They make 


great accents to your home or as gifts for friends and family hosting you for the holidays or weekend visit.  

BEWARE:  Foutas are a bit addictive.  I started with one, now I've got three and while perusing the Scents and Feel website for photos for this article, I've found another two or three or five that I'm adding to my personal gift wish list.  

Do you have a favorite Fouta?  Tell me about it.  If I can help you find the perfect Fouta for you or someone special on your gift list, email me at

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


It may just be how my mind works, I don't really know.  I'm always on the lookout for a cute solution to a problem that also makes a really cute gift.  I guess I think I'm less of a dork if the reason for my gift is to solve some problem or to add a little zip to something ordinary.

My mother in law is a big sipper, like me.  We always have something to drink with us even if we're just walking into the yard.  It's a habit but also a healthy choice since we live in Alabama (hot-n-steamy most of the year!)  She is also very devoted to her family.  Because her kids (and all of us that come with them) are spread out in a 1 hr. drive minimum and 2 hr. drive maximum radius, she spends a lot of time on the road.  She's a regular and very welcome visitor in our home and usually grabs a coffee mug of coffee or green tea on her way out the door.  No big deal right?  Right!  let me be very clear, I don't care that she takes my mugs.  Not only does she give them back, but they come back cleaner than they were at my house and I have more mugs than I will ever use.  What I do care about is her.  She's very pretty and especially stylish (for a grandmother....he he) and has really helped me find my personal style and add some cute to my overall look.   She likes to drink from glass or ceramic.  She'll do it, but plastic and styrofoam just aren't her thing.  So when I saw these adorable mugs from One Kings Lane, I knew I had to get one for her (and of course one for me too)

Aren't they adorable?  The mug itself is perfectly sized to fit perfectly into a car cup holder, is thick and the color is clear coated and not easily scratched.  The lid looks plastic doesn't it?  Well its actually a flexible silicone that fits snugly on on the mug and cleans totally with no lingering stains.  Function and style all in one cute gift.

Classic Coffee and Tea also has an adorable set of heart shaped mugs that I am trying hard to find a giftee for.  Anybody want one???

Let me know if I can help you find the perfect gift for the special people in your life.

Give a gift.  Be a gift.  It feels good!

Monday, September 13, 2010


They say that to love others, you must first love yourself.  That's why my very first post is about buying yourself something special.

While visiting my sick 98 year old grandmother this past spring, I popped into Panache, a boutique in downtown Mattapoisett Mass. where I grew up.  While I'm not a jewelry person, I was immediately drawn to a display of Lalo Jewelry.  I bought a fun sea glass blue flower ring and have worn it often.  It amazed me how many compliments I've gotten on it and on how much I wear it!

The lesson from this little story; step out of your comfort zone from time to time, go for the fun instead of the practical.   Let your jewelry pick you sometimes instead of overthinking your choices!

This fall's runways were full of bold, dark colors that we haven't seen in a while.  Black and Red are classics that seem to be back with a vengeance this year.  Here are a few Lalo picks from their Moments in between 2010 line that, while modern in design and material, would add something unexpected to this seasons must-have fashion.
From left to right;  Lost in Memory necklace, Lost in Memory drop necklace (very industrial chain), Lost in Memory bangle, Lost in Memory drop necklace 
If you already wear Lalo Jewelry, tell us about your pieces and why you love them.  If you want more information on Lalo pieces or if you would like some help picking a fun, stylish Lalo piece for someone in your life, contact me at  I'm happy to help find you the perfect piece to gift yourself or someone special with. 

 Hmmmm.......I bet there are some teachers out there that have enough, mugs, notepads, lotions and bath gels to open a mug-notepad-lotion-bath gel store!  Wouldn't a unique Lalo piece be an exciting departure from the standard teacher Christmas gifts?

                                                 GIVE A GIFT.  BE A GIFT.  IT FEELS GOOD!