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Friday, November 11, 2011


How do you even begin to thank the men and women who have defended this great country?  I don't really have the answer but I do know that it's not by "occupying" anywhere or anything, using the Pentagon's budget as a bargaining chip or closing down military bases that provided an all inclusive home base for military families throughout our country's history.

Last night when I was at our local mall, a mob of young (tweenagers) girls were taking part in some sort of scavenger hunt.  They were having a blast, giggling as they trucked it around the mall in little gangs of tiara and boa wearing little ladies.  A twenty something soldier, in field fatigues was walking ahead of me when one of these scavengering groups approached us.  Without a thought, each of the five young girls stopped and thanked the soldier for his service when they met up with him.  THAT IS HOW WE THANK A SOLDIER!  I can't tell you how happy I was that they did this.  I teach my boys to do the same thing when they see a soldier.  As a parent I can tell you I was proud for those young ladies' moms and dads.  Good job parents!

As individuals, there isn't a lot we can do about the Occupy people, our Congress or our anti-military, non-leader of a President.  What we can do is be truly thankful that we are protected daily by brave men and women who put themselves at risk on foreign soil and at home (Fort Hood ring a bell?  Who knew that going to a doctors office on a military base could put you in the line of fire!).  What you do with that thankful heart is up to you.  There are some small things you can do that can make an impact...
  • Ask a waiter or waitress to give you the check of military personnel enjoying a meal together (if you can afford) it.  I bet those soldiers will really feel appreciated when they find out someone did that.
  • Pay for the haircut of the soldier being groomed as you are paying for yours on your way out.
  • Around Veterans Day, but a couple of "Thank You" cards in your purse or car.  Have your entire family sign them and write messages of appreciation and wishes for safety.  Hand them out to a man or woman in uniform when you see them.
  • Send an anonymous care package to an active duty soldier.  You don't have to spend a ton to make a service person isolated in a foreign country feel a little homegrown hospitality.  Check out for more information on the guideline, restrictions and mailing info.
From the bottom of my heart I want to tell ALL of the men and women, past and present, that I appreciate you!  No matter what the rest of the world thinks, our great country was born of the most noble cause, FREEDOM.  We will always be mocked, criticized and targeted by those who only wish to control and oppress.


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