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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Have you opened the Red Envelope?

I'm a big fan of the online sites that offer it all.  Apparel to food, to sports equipment to monogram pillows...Red Envelope has it all!  They have great indexes too, that help you narrow down your search easily!

One of the things that I like most about Red Envelope is that you can stay i the $30-$60 range and find something that will appeal to your hard to buy for in laws, outlaws or miscellaneous friends and relations.

Here is just a little sample. Trust when I tell you that if you can think it, Red Envelope will probably have it!

clockwise from top left:

12 Handmade Swizzled Cake Pops - If you don't like cake, then as far as I'm concerned you are too darned picky for me to buy a gift for anyways!

Wine Aerator - While most of my friends would be happy with a nice box of wine (ha!  just kidding), the
few wine connoisseur wanna-be's would surely love an aerator.  After all what is plain old wine when you can have bubbles right?

Monogrammed Pillow - Monogrammed anything is hot, hot, hot right now and who doesn't like seeing their own very important name on something soft and cushy?

Punched Letter Votives - Candles are a gifting favorite so why not add a little message by way of punched letters spelling out something close to your heart.

Family Conversation Tabletopics Cards - Kind of like trivial pursuit without the pressure of the quest fo a pie piece!  It can be tough forging ahead with conversation with people you see once a year.  These cards are great icebreakers, setting the topic for you.

Sesame Street Market Bags - While I love my reusable market bags because they are sturdier and hold
 more than the annoying white plastic bags most stores offer, they are not usually very attractive.  For moms, kids and kids at heart, these Sesame Street Market bags offer a fun alternative.  Why be dull?

If all else fails, give a Red Envelope gift card.  There's little doubt that your lucky giftee will find something he or she like!

Give a gift, be a gift, it feels good!

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